The Karuk & Yurok tribes are paving the way for Indian Country when it comes to Broadband. We had a session between the Karuk & Yurok tribes along with the California Public Utilities Commission, ironing out the details and challenges for the Klamath River Rural Broadband Initiative (or KRRBI). EnerTribe has been assisting the Karuk and Yurok tribes with their 104 mile Fiber & wireless project, over the past few years. There are 2 Tribal Governments, 3 Native owned contractors and roughly 12 agencies all working together with the CPUC for KRRBI.

In separate meetings there were representatives from the Karuk, Yurok & Hoopa tribes together to discuss the critical energy, water and broadband challenges facing the river communities along highway 96.

In the photos are various Tribal Council, citizens & staff, for the Karuk, Yurok, Hoopa and Tolowa tribes. The tribes were accompanied by Commissioners from the CPUC and their staff.