The Karuk Tribe has retained the services of a Native-owned contractor to provide program management, project management, permitting, and construction services.
EnerTribe has been retained to provide overall program and grant management, project management, permitting, inter-tribal outreach, inter-governmental outreach, and engineering for wireless and network components for the KRRBI project.

The Karuk Tribe selected Owner’s Engineer, a firm that will provide design advice, drawings, and specifications during permitting; develop the final drawings and specifications for the construction contract; and oversee the technical aspects of construction. Trinity Valley Consulting Engineers, a Native-owned firm, and their partner N-Com, were awarded the Owner’s Engineer contract. They have been providing additional details for the project description and technical options for avoiding environmental impacts. Paragon Partners was also contracted to assist in easement acquisition.

The Karuk and Yurok, each a sovereign nation, are teamed for the KRRBI project and lead decision-makers for project activities on and off the reservation. Where activities take place outside of reservation boundaries or trust lands, the Tribes recognize the authority of federal, state, and local agencies to conduct an environmental review and issue permits for those activities. However, the Tribes anticipate that each government agency will recognize their unique government-to-government relationship with the Tribes and afford the permitting process every priority and attention to promptly provide this important service to the region’s communities and institutions.